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In 2007, PGM Graphics Solutions was appointed exclusive distributors for the UK & Ireland for Flexo Wash' narrow web cleaning and washing products.

Good Housekeeping!

We are passionate about good house keeping and firmly believe that machine down time and print quality, as well as life time of anilox rollers, can be drastically improved by having efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning and washing facilities available. At the same time you will enhance your efficiency and profits.

The mission of Flexo Wash is successfully developing innovative and high quality cleaning equipment to satisfy needs of flexo and gravure printers worldwide, contributing to an improved print quality, high productivity and a healthy environment.

FlexoWash Denmark has practically all the solutions you can dream about to achieve all these objectives. Please take a look at below overview of the products and news from FlexoWash:





Date:  10.05.2010

Dear Client, 

We would like to update you a little on product news form FlexoWash!  

Knowing you are under constant pressure to be able to compete and maintain consistency and quality levels at their highest, it has never been more important than now to start with clean tools in your machines, when beginning to print a new job. 

As you know, at PGM and FlexoWash, we are still passionate about Good House keeping, and we know,  just how much it means for the bottom-line of the results from each order produced. 

We strongly believe that “Keep Clean” should be the slogan for every printer wanting to stay on the top, and wanting to maximise quality, repeatability, efficiency, machine up-time, and maintaining the competitive edge – all factors leading to higher profits and staying in business. It should be a natural part of the company QA – policy as well as environmental consciousness.

Some of the additional benefits will be extended life time of machine, machine tools, printing plates and more, thus securing higher asset values, as well as creating more attractive working environment and not least giving the right impression and scores, when customers are visiting or auditing to your company. 

With these objectives in mind, FlexoWash has developed a comprehensive range of cleaning and washing machines, some of which may already be known to you. Since Label Expo Europe 2009, FlexoWash hs added a few new products to the portfolio and made some significant improvements to existing products. Below is a quick overview of our key products, which are relevant for the narrow web industry, and we ask you to feel free to contact us for further details or go FlexoWash's website:



Cleaning purpose:

Machine Types: 

Dedicated anilox roll cleaners

FW 991/993/996/ + HANDY & HANDY XL-A

Parts Washing Machines, PK-Range. Top Loaded, All top of the range full automatic machines

PK130/160/200 W/ WR/ WRO:

- The loading area of these machines can be custom built for your specific machine system and parts, including cleaning of rubber rolls and pre-cleaning of anilox rolls

PK Parts Washers, now for Gallus / Arsoma Chamber Doctor Blade Cassette Systems from RCS330/430, EM-S 340/410/510, KM510-S, 

FlexoWash has developed a special loading bay and cleanining nozzle arrangement for cleaning of the special Gallus chamber doctor blade cassettes, which are extremely difficult and lengthy to clean by hand

Parts Washing Machines. Top Loaded

ECO”, Economic and efficient, parts washing only                   (– no afterrinse)

Parts Washing Machines. Top Loaded

EASY CLEAN”, with table and tray for easy manual and automatic washing of press parts, with hand pistol for rinsing

Parts Washing Machine, Front loaded

PK Easy Load, with special transport trolley for easy parts loading at press and transport and loading to PK washing machine

Rotary Screen Stencil Washing Machines

PK 92-1: “Black Serie”, For one stencil cylinder                         PK 92-2: Stainless Steel, For 2 stencil cylinders

Plate Washing Machines

PW 45 / PW 82 Full Automatic Plate Washing Machines

Ink Drum Washing Machine

Based on our PK Parts Washing machines

Ink Bucket Washing Machine

Based on our PK Parts Washing machines


Apart from above machines, which are also available for the wide web industry, FlexoWash makes a range of sleeve and gravure cylinder cleaning machines and they make their own cleaning and washing liquids for each type and process.

All is supported by FlexoWash (UK) Ltd and PGM Graphics Solutions. 








Belt Conveyor for Easy and  Continuous Loading of Plates

Moving Brushes

Fully Automatic

Optional: Belt conveyor for delivery of clean plates

Place the plates on the belt. The plates will automatically be drawn into the machine. They will be cleaned with liquid, rinsed with water and dried by means of warm air.

The quick and gentle cleaning process will clean all ink types, UV-flexo, Waterbased flexo and even letterpress, without any wear and tear on the plates.

For video clip, go to: http://www.flexowash.com/Plate+Washers.26.aspx



Anilox Roll Cleaners:


Recent analysis using Troika AniCam quality control microscope has shown that only hand cleaning of anilox rolls will still leave ink residues in the cells, thus reducing the volume of ink transferred by approximately 30%.


100% Clean Anilox Roll, machine cleaned:

Partly Clean Anilox Roll, hand cleaned:






 The theoretical cell volume was marked on the roll as 8.5 cm3. We measured 7.8 cm3 on machine cleaned roll and 5.9 cm3 on hand cleaned roll, all other equal. This means approximately 30% reduction in volume. It is very unlikely that the printer will be able to achieve consistent colour density at repeat orders with this cleaning procedure.




 Flexo Wash has just launched a new, larger and Fully Automatic version for its very popular HANDY Anilox Cleaner, the HANDY XL-A, taking a roll up to 20” wide.

The HANDY XL-A is a very inexpensive way to acquire the most efficient cleaning machine



The Flexo Wash anilox cleaning method is a non-impact, non-aggressive process consisting of 3 cycles:



1.       Cleaning liquid is sprayed onto the roll whilst roll is rotating. The liquid will loosen the ink and make it shrink in the cells. At the end the liquid is drained back in the tank for re-use.

2.       High pressure water is sprayed onto the roll, removing all ink residues and the cleaning liquid

3.       The roll is dried by means of compressed air

 100% Clean and dry rolls are now ready for printing



For video clip of FW 991 Anilox Cleaner, go to: http://www.flexowash.com/Anilox++Gravure+Cleaning.7.aspx

Our cleaning liquids are environmentally friendly, specially made for booth deep cleaning and daily maintenance of anilox rolls and – sleeves.





PK93/105, PK130, PK160, PK 200 & PK220

The fully automatic washing units are designed to wash removable machine parts such as ink trays, doctor blades, rubber rolls, side scrapers and other removable flexo machine parts used with either water based or UV-flexo inks.

The Top load units can be tailor made for parts for individual machine brands and types, using customized wash area with grid and brackets specially designed for such parts.

The PK Parts Washer machines work with 2 stage cleaning process, first stage for cleaning, second stage for rinsing. Two types of rinsing systems are available: Open Rinse System and Closed Circuit System.



PK Loading bay for Gallus Chamber Doctor Blade Cassette System:

Can be made for:

RCS330/430, EM-S 340/410/510, KM510-S


 The new ECO Parts Washing machine

 Only washing – no after rinse.




“Easy Clean” for Parts Cleaning and pre- and post rinsing with high pressure pistol


EL 250: “Easy Load” Parts Washer with system trolley for loading parts at press and off-loading directly onto Parts Washing machine





Ø  PK92-1 For one Screen cylinder

Ø  PK92-2 For two Screen cylinders

For washing screen cylinders using UV-curing inks.

Suitable for either Gallus or STORK screens

The machines are delivered with 2 dip tanks, one for pre-cleaning the cylinder, the other for post- cleaning, removing any residues of cleaning liquid.



“REACH” status of the products supplied by Flexo Wash:

 REACH will in future control the Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals in Europe.

In preparation for REACH, we have contacted suppliers to ensure that they and their suppliers pre-register all substances used in the products from Flexo Wash.

We can confirm that we will make sure that the raw materials used in the cleaning products supplied by Flexo Wash will be pre-registered under REACH and go through the final registration at a later stage.

Pre-registration will ensure uninterrupted supply at least until November 2010.


It is our hope that above product overview and news from FlexoWash will be of interest to you and that we may be able to assist you with your needs in the future.

If you are interested in a demonstration or test of our FW anilox cleaner or the new PW45 plate washing machines, we shall be happy to speak to you.


For any further information on each of our machine types – or for price quotations, please contact PGM Graphics Solutions – or visit the websites of Flexo Wash: www.flexowash.com or







The Anilox Roll Cleaner FW 993

The FlexoWash machine programme consists of:

  •   Anilox Roll Cleaners

  •   Parts Washers

  •   Rotary Screen Wash

  •   Sleve & plate wash

  •   Liquids
  •  Water Treatment Plants

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