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If you you have any Gallus / Arsoma machines for sale within the range, we are looking for, we shall be pleased to assist to search for a potential buyer. Please send all details to us by e-mail, including minimum the following information:

  •   Brand name of Machine

  •   Machine type

  •   Model description

  •   Age or year of manufacture

  •   Serial No.

  •   Complete machine configuration, such as:

    •   No. of colours or No. of printing platforms

    •   No. of printing units, per printing process:

      •   If combination processes offered, advise No. of print heads per print process

    •   Process section: No. of die stations

    •   Method of delivery of finished products: Roll - to roll, rewind unit single or double spindle, aut. turret rewinder, sheeter/ conveyor, fan-folding etc.

  •   Ay special application features

  •   Tools included - give as many details as possible

  •   Photos from unwind to rewind

  •   Available from

  •   Confirm if machine is still in production

  •   Why machine is being sold

We will contact you upon receipt of your request with details, and can agree further action.

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