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               .......… connecting buyers and sellers of companies in the narrow-web labels & packaging industry  




PGM launches new business line:

 PGM Business Agents

 PGM Graphics Solutions *) has now been in business for more than 5 years. - As our business has grown and developed in this period within the pre-owned and new machinery sectors, our global network within the narrow-web industry has developed with even greater strength.

 With the continuing globalisation and concentration of the narrow-web industry as well as increasing needs for generation shift solutions, PGM has experienced an increased interest and inquiry level with requests for sourcing buyers and sellers of label printing companies and other companies related to the narrow-web industry.

As a consequence of this we have therefore seen it as a natural development of our business and decided to form a new separate division of our company PGM: PGM Business Agents, which offer our clients a dedicated contact and connecting platform for potential sellers and buyers of primarily label printing businesses.

 At the recent Labelexpo Show in Brussels we experienced a surprising interest from many companies in different parts of the world, confirming to us that there seem to be a general requirement for this kind of specialised service.

Our Core Competences:

PGM Business Agents specialise in identifying and registering acquisition and sales opportunities of companies in the narrow-web label and packaging industry, within which we have a vast international contact base and network. With this as a foundation we offer our clients great opportunities for finding the right solution, whether seeking to buy or sell – or merge. We offer full confidentiality and discrete service at all stages with the highest level of business ethics.

Through co-operation with other professional partners we further offer related services such as:

- Business valuations

- Creation and advertising of ‘teasers’ on dedicated website for sellers and buyers

- Legal and financial advice

 For important areas like business valuations and advertising of ‘teasers’ we cooperate with specialist partners with many years experience in the label industry, thus offering our clients a unique combined service package to ensure the best possible chances for success.   


 ......… connecting buyers and sellers of companies in the narrow-web labels & packaging industry 


Please contact Claus Nielsen on +44 1763 84 99 82 or by e-mail: