ATIQS Booklet Machine

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The ATIQS variable multi row grid pattern
Booklet- und RFID positioning device, can be
implemented into any label printing press.
The feeder device consist of a patent feeder
system, in which driving pins are quickly be
exchanged, to adapt to the booklet length.
Trough the precision of the feeder system and
the adjustable guiding rails, the products are
moved on a metal conveyor to the positioning
point, simultaneous to the web speed.
In a look into position station, the products
are fixed by a self-adhesive foil or a hotmail
This ATIQS system is providing the quickest
set up time available, even multi rows of
booklet or other products are fed on the
conveyor. Also, the easy adjustment of the
guide rails makes this system to best user
friendly feeder device on the market.
quick set up
precision positioning
High efficiency trough lowest energy
and material consumption
Technical Data:
Format dimension Product length min / max 40mm/350 mm
Width min / max 30 mm/320mm
Positioning accuracy, up to +/- 0,1 mm
Feeding speed max. 60m/min, depending on product and product quality


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